My Fasting Plan Success Stories

“One day I woke up desperate, feeling lost and alone, I had gained over two hundred pounds.  Now weighing 258 pounds turning to every program that sounded good only to 

fail.  I would lose a little then gain more.  My health started suffering, Blood Pressure soared to the roof, cholesterol over 400, and developed horrible problems with my thyroid, now developed medullary thyroid cancer and felt totally lost. 

 A special person introduced me to MyFastingPlan, thinking, oh sure another fad diet program.  But I started my journey to change my health. I started the 5:2 program. Progress was slow in the beginning but I was noticing changes in my body, then pounds started to drop off. MyFastingPlan gave me the confidence to keep going.  Food no longer controlled me. It changed my lifestyle forever. I have lost a total of 144 pounds, working with TaiChi, meditation movements daily to improve my body. My family has decided to join in this battle to fight obesity and its diseases. To date, my sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, friends, sons, daughter in law are fighting back with total family loss of over 800 pounds.  It’s given me a new lifestyle to never quit!”

-Mary A. 

“I struggled with my weight most of my life.  I was thin, about 140 lbs, as a teenager but stayed in a deep caloric deficit in order to maintain.  After I had my children in my early twenties, the weight started coming on, and I stayed at 180-200 lbs for the better part of twenty years.  But, I was always trying to get back to my ideal “thin” self. I tried all the diets – cabbage soup, the master cleanse, Atkins, and weight watchers, to name a few.  I always exercised hard, at least 4 days a week. But, no matter how hard or how often I worked out or how strict my diet, I was never able to make a breakthrough and get back to what I saw as my true size.

I began to suspect that all the years of dieting had slowed my metabolism and that was why I couldn’t meaningfully lose weight anymore.  I did not matter what I did, the weight did not budge. I had had some limited success with 3-day juice fasts when I decided to start 5:2 intermittent fasting. The science behind IF made sense to me, and it made intuitive sense that fasting days, alternated with eating days, would possibly reset my metabolism.

I started twice-a-week intermittent fasting in December 2017, at 206 pounds.  I lost 5 pound on my first fast, and lost 40 pounds within 4 months. The next 30 pounds came off over the course of the next year.  I am now 135 pounds and in the best shape of my life. I have little to no back pain, knee pain, or foot pain, which had become chronic conditions for me.  I went from a size 14/L to a size 2-4/XS. My friends do not recognize me. But I finally again recognize myself, after all this time.”

Perrey L.

“Intermittent is quickly becoming the hottest weight loss trend for good reason. But as we know, fasting can be hard to manage. Ever wanted to try fasting but weren’t sure how? Well now you can get your personalized fasting plan with My Fasting Plan. Most people lose between 8-12 pounds per month.”


Kevin Harrington, 

Original Shark from Shark Tank

My original reason for joining was a hope to decrease my inflammation in my knees and my hips and my back, and in the process hoping to find some energy and maybe a little weight management. So I found My Fasting Plan online. VERY EASY to fill out the quiz online and within a very short matter of time they sent me a comprehensive list of foods to eat, it was very easy to follow. I have been on the fasting plan for several weeks and my results are WONDERFUL. I would say that the inflammation is GONE. And I’m still working on the inflammation on my hips and back but they are feeling tremendously better. My energy is through the roof. And I have lost a few pounds which is a bonus. So if you are looking for something that will help you understand fasting, give you a more comprehensive plan about it. Join My Fasting Plan. It is an excellent program and will do very great work for you.

- Jeanne

Before: In my 60’s and post menopausal – talk about metabolism slowdown…After – Down 71 pounds and 5 sizes!

- Patty

My wife and I both started MyFastingPlan about a month ago she has lost 9 pounds and I have lost 19 pounds it works if you stick with it. And it’s really not a diet, it’s a new lifestyle.

- Mike M.

If you’re trying to figure out this whole intermittent fasting thing, definitely take this quick quiz! It definitely takes the guesswork out of this whole intermittent fasting thing.

- Jennifer

I am delighted to report that I weighed myself for the first time after my third week and 6 days of fasting ( 2xweek) and… 6 pounds down.

- Lynne

I am pretty psyched…stepped on the scale and down 3 pounds! Put in my 2 days this week – not in a row, but I fit it in. 10 more to go to my goal.

- Josie

I am thrilled with my results. I’m 63 and not good with dieting in general because I love to eat and have poor portion control habits. But I didn’t want to lose a lot of weight so I tried fasting with smoothies one day a week. With no other changes in my eating or exercising habits, I lost ten pounds in 3 months. It is way easier for me to choose a fast day that is convenient, then try to cut back or count calories or increase exercise. I really recommend this program!

- Katrin B.

Two weeks, so 4 days of 5:2 intermittent fasting, and I’m down 8 pounds! I even worked out with my trainer on one of the fasting days and did well. I’m NOT seeing an improvement in my sleeping, but hope that comes as I continue! I recommend this product!

- BJ

I’ve always wanted to try intermittent fasting but wasn’t sure where to start. My Fasting Plan made it so easy with a short quiz and a personalized plan. I’ve been following it for a couple of months now and have not lost a few pounds but have great energy!

- Mollie

Two days a week has been easy, and after losing six pounds in the first week, I am looking forward to my next couple of days with my new friend, MyFastingPlan!

- Christopher

I have been on a low carb diet for the last year. I reached a plateau and couldn’t seem to get past it. I started MyFastingPlan and started losing weight again. I feel great, I have energy and it has helped me to eat better. I don’t feel hungry on IF, if I do I drink more water. The other days I eat salads, and have a protein shake. I feel better than I have in a long time. Thanks for developing MyFastingPlan — and helping me to have a better, healthier life!

- Terry