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All of my clothes are too big now!
Denise Bell Kidd on Jul 27, 2019

Two weeks in, I had to buy new pants and shorts. I should have waited, because I already don’t fit in them! Two days a week and this is what happens to me. Someone pinch me.

11.8 lbs in 4 weeks
Pam Hulett Allee on Jul 27, 2019

4 weeks in and I’m down 11.8 pounds. I’ll take it!

I love the 30 day challenge
Brandi Mccall Wolsefer on Aug 30, 2019

The pants I bought a month ago fall off!! I love intermittent fasting!! I have gained strength and willpower over food and my body.

Lost weight & improved BP
Terri Staeger on Sep 23, 2019

After 30 days: Released 11 pounds and 6 inches. Also, blood pressure has dropped from an average of 129/81 to 117/75!

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